Setup VMWare-CLI Perl Kit on CentOS 5.5 x64 (RedHat)
Older Post with Simillar Information
And overall info on how to monitor ESX
IMPORTANT: For ESX(i) 6.x use
First download my full package witch has all dependencies plus the vmware-vSphere-CLI
Required Dependencies:

  • Class::MethodMaker 2.08 not found.
  • Class::Inspector 0 not found.
  • Task::Weaken 0 not found.
  • SOAP::Lite 0.67 not found.
  • UUID 0.03 not found.
  • XML::NamespaceSupport 1.07 not found.
  • XML::SAX 0.11 not found.
  • XML::LibXML 1.58 not found.

After finally all pre-requistes are done, do:
# mkdir /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/VMware/
Then now you can use the plugin:
Get it here:
# ../libexec/
Example os some checks I run:
sudo -u nagios ./ –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –host esx1 –report memory
sudo -u nagios ./ –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –cluster ESXCluster –report memory
sudo -u nagios ./ –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –cluster ESXCluster –report cpu
CPU usage at 26.33%|cpu=26.3383333333333%;80;90;0;100
sudo -u nagios ./ –mode nagios  –config=/usr/local/etc/vmware.cfg –timeout 30  –guest apache1 –report cpu
CPU usage at 4.17%<BR>CPU stats: Used/System/Ready = 4.17%/0.12%/0.23%|cpu=4.17%;80;90;0;100 ready=0.23%;5;10;0;100 user=4.17%;;;0;100 sys=0.12%;;;0;100
Note that we can get a ESX Cluster total performance or a single ESX or even a host
Big Thanks to Steve Shipway for all effort on writing the

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