This is a small list of some really nice linux tools I recommend every sysadmin to have somewhere.

More complete Monitoring Tools List (older)
Other cool tools:

  • netsniff-ng, a zero-copy analyzer, packet capturer and replayer itself supporting the pcap file format
  • trafgen, a zero-copy wire-rate traffic generator
  • bpfc, a Berkeley Packet Filter compiler
  • ifpps, a top-like kernel networking statistics tool
  • flowtop, a top-like netfilter connection tracking tool
  • curvetun, a lightweight multiuser IP tunnel based on elliptic curve cryptography
  • ashunt, an Autonomous System trace route utility
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3 thoughts on “Linux network tools

  1. May I recommend logtop? You tail a logfile, sed away any timestamps, and pipe it to logtop, which will give you a top-like analysis of the logs, showing you how many times a line has appeared in the log, how many times per second and so on.

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